Lakeview Africa Gospel Church

Section 58, Nakuru, Kenya

Women's Ministries

The Monday visitations have been very successful. We visited Mrs. Sally Lang’at last Monday whose daughter passed on to glory some few weeks ago. We are seeing great and tremendous blessings as we serve him. We have taken a break from Monday visitations until the 2nd week of May. We have had an average of 30 ladies visiting the homes that we have gone to and an average of 5 men every week.

Six ladies will be attending the Kericho ladies conference that begins on 9th to 12th April 2009.

The ladies are also working on the family-day-out scheduled to be held on 19th April 2009. The visiting speaker will be Pastor Munengi Mulandi formerly of Nairobi Baptist for over 10 years and currently a pastor with Faulu Kenya.

Coming up is also the couple’s dinner that is scheduled to be held in June. We will post details on the website and give you all the information needed. Please make a reservation as early as this so that we can plan for you better.

Mrs. Adoyo of NPC valley road will be our guest speaker on the Ladies’ Sunday – on 21st June 2009.

Please join the ladies in working to improve the front of the church. The ladies have committed to purchase curtains for the front. See the ladies’ leader for details.

The Ladies’ leader is Mrs. Nancy Munyua, a mother of three and a grandmother. Please pray for her and the committee as they steer the activities of the ladies department.