Lakeview Africa Gospel Church

Section 58, Nakuru, Kenya

God's Children Ministries


Reaching the Street Children for Christ
P.O Box 1680, Nakuru Kenya. Telephone 254-15-2213093

February 2006 unfolded with good things so Lakeview African Gospel Church
with sponsors from the United States of America partnered together
to help the Street Children.

1.Openness: The street kids have started to open up, sharing
their deep challenges that they face day by day.They are now building
a good relationship and rapport with the coordinator.

2.Lesson Well Learnt: I am told that the coordinator asked them
to give him Ksh 5 so he can go buy tea.They told him that they cannot
give him money but instead took him ti the cafeteria nad bought him
tea. We have always made the aware that we don't give out money.

3.Behaivour Change: We have observed growth and commitment as
they relate to cicumstances around them. We have had a conistent numbers
averanging 25. They do have various struggles and thier biggest one is
sniffing glue.

4.Health: Four kids had dental related complications and one got
injured very badly after falling from a truck.We did see to it that
they receive medical attention and they are now doing well.

5.Placements: We have had the opportunity of placing two boys
to Topstyle School of Hairdressing and they are really doing great.
The school is willing to give a scholarship to one of the boys in the GCM program.

6.Lakeview AGC Responce: We give thanks to God for the responce
and ownership of the programm by the local church.We have a commited
and transparent GCM Committee comprising of the localsome who are well
versed with social work. The church gave cereals to GCM.

We Desire to do Various Things:-

We want to start farming on a small scale. We will be planting different
kinds of vegetables, for this would help put down the operational cost
and will also be a good opportunity to teach the GCM kids farming and

We have started to have them trained in soccer- curreently, we have a
volunteer coach and they seem to enjoy the practices. They are also
doing music practices guided by our worship pastor. Both activities take
place once a week.

We are trying to help mature kids (those of 18years and above) to get
the national identity cards to enable them be employed. The coordinator
is yet to meet the area chief to discuss on the same.

We are also enhancing the pastrol care for the GCM kids having at least
each Lakeview pastor have sessions with the kids