Lakeview Africa Gospel Church

Section 58, Nakuru, Kenya

About Lakeview Africa Gospel Church

Our goal as a church is to “bring them in; build them up and send them out” And as we do all these we should extend our hand of benevolence to the needy community.

It is with focus in mind that I share with us our vision for the year 2008. The Church in the 21st century has the mandate in its hand to either do or die. My desire is that the Church will experience a very remarkable growth I the coming year.

Lakeview AGC has grown from its tens to what it is in its hundreds. The two principles that will never be overcome by time and numbers are the principles of the great commandment and the principle of the great commission. I don’t want us to implement a new idea but rather strengthen the four great pillars as outlined in our mission statement as we trust God for increase- It is our mandate to lift up Christ and His to bring the increase.



We need to build a very strong force of saints that will be out and about for Christ. My prayer is that evangelism and missions will cease being an event and rather be our lifestyle of Lakeview AGC; that all born-again church members will be involved evangelism, it is recorded that “people were added to the church daily…”



My prayer is for Lakeview church to grow from home to church as well as from church to home. That is why my focus as the pastor would be to enhance strong home fellowship with desire of moving our church to cell-based. This approach will in development of more talents and resources from the local level and move the ministry approach from the pastors to the congregation.



It is imperative to note that we are living in a world saturated with so many teachings and beliefs, some of them not Bible centered. The CED complex will house the Lakeview AGC academy which is currently registered by the government.



The pastoral staff and the LCC are very organs of the church. Our destiny and future is in a bigger way determined by leadership. We purpose God’s help as the pastoral staff to be focused on our calling and minimize distractions that may hygienic behaviors. I desire to personally be involved in the leadership that will be elected and provide guidance as often as possible.



We desire to provide a godly and friendly atmosphere to our youth. My prayer is that the youth will feel at home and needed in our church. We will create forums to listen to them; walk with them; and feel with them. We are currently looking into ways and possibilities of having the Sunday youth service.



Lakeview Church reckons that it is not independent but interdependent. This is the beauty of the “body of Christ”. We would like to develop partnership that will help propagate the kingdom of God around the globe. We will endeavor f or partnership that will add value to our ministry and truly seek for those who will not interfere with our doctrines and goals as a church.



We would like to enhance ownership of ministry locally. We are currently involved in three different ministries; Street Children- God’s Children Ministry (GCM); Lakeview AGC Academy and Church Ministry.

We would like to develop ownership in these areas by encouraging more involvement from the local congregation. The involvement will span from praying, giving and involving the congregation as resource persons.



We would like to start a Bible Study at Bethany Annex a facility that is currently housing the God’s Children Ministry that will eventually grow into a congregation (Church). Plans are in place and we are praying for a pastor who will coordinate the program as well as help in planting a church.



It is very true that a “prayer less church is a powerless church”. My strongest prayer and hope is that every idea, plan and action will be grounded in prayer. This indeed the aspect of waiting upon the Lord which supersedes anything else.



AGC Lakeview has several ministries that are run on the basis of sharing the light of the Gospel in Nakuru and beyond. This is within the mission statement that AGC exists to model a holy living in Christ by Evangelizing the unsaved, Edifying the believers, Establishing churches and Exercising compassion. Christian Eduction Department is one of the key ministries of the church that is charged with the responsibility of ministering to the children through Sunday school teaching, Saturday Bible school, Vocational Bible School, retreats and camps among the children and youth.



 The old sanctuary was opened in 1985. The congregation was small at that time and the vision was to accommodate 300 adults. The CED facilities were adequately addressed by building the sanctuary alongside a multipurpose hall, Christian Education office, a kitchen, 2 classroom for Sunday school and separate toilets for the children.

The Sunday School facilities have not been expanded alongside the growth of the church. The new sanctuary was built to accommodate the growing congregation without addressing the classrooms for the corresponding growth of the Sunday School children. The Sunday school children average 300 every Sunday.